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Paul Wang


Catherine Chen

General FAQs

Why Montana?

If you haven't noticed by now, we love immersing ourselves in pristine nature! And we want to share this outdoor trip of a lifetime with our loved ones. There's so many ways to appreciate Montana's natural beauty -- hiking, fishing, wildlife viewing, stargazing, the list goes on!

Traveling to the venue

Please book your travel as early as possible!

See the Travel page for more information on travel recommendations.

Wildlife precautions

When you see any wildlife, PLEASE ADMIRE FROM AFAR! Do not touch or feed the wildlife. It's called wildlife for a reason, so please don't approach to take selfies with it/touch it unless you want to end up like this girl on the front page of Reddit.

Fishing at the venue

You're going all the way to Montana; why not fly fish while you're there?? Our venue is partnered with Montana Fly Fishing Guides... so we'll just leave their information here.

What do I wear?

Summer cocktail attire! Please keep in mind the riverside ceremony is in a grass field outdoors, while dinner and reception will be indoors (a short walk from the ceremony field). This time of year is typically very warm, so keep an eye on weather reports leading up to the trip.

Can I bring a plus-one?

All single guests are allowed an adult plus-one!

Can I bring my child(ren)?

Our wedding day is adults only.

However, you are responsible for making your own arrangements if you want to take your kids to Yellowstone National Park outside of our wedding date. We will be doing a visit to the national park on August 28, feel free to join us! See the Events page for more information.

How do I pick my dinner option?

Menu selection will be available at a later date! You'll receive another email closer to the wedding date to select your grub.

Covid-19 Measures

We understand that guidance related to COVID-19 can change at any time. For the safety and health of our loved ones, please do not risk attending if you're feeling sick or unwell. It's not worth sending everyone home with what you've caught.