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Paul Wang


Catherine Chen

Paul Wang and Catherine Chen

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Our story

We met in the middle of a Californian desert surrounded by boulders the size of a house.

In the distant background was the Sierra Nevada mountain range, a dramatic horizon of snow-capped peaks. For both of us, this was the first outdoor rock climbing camping trip we had with our mutual friends. And totally neglecting the all-nighter we each drove through to get here, we climbed these boulders by the fuel of excitement and adrenaline.

Though this is the start of our story, we came to Bishop's Buttermilks not to find love. Instead, we met in the pursuit of a few shared goals: exploring the outdoors, testing our limits, and being ourselves amongst good company.

Soon after that trip, our love developed.

Over the years, we found a best friend and a soulmate in each other through our passion to learn and create, and to experience and taste new cultures.

Now we are excited to begin the rest of our lives, together in a house the size of a boulder.


We look forward to sharing our "I Do's" surrounded by the great Montana outdoors and our cherished family and friends.

See you there,

Paul & Cathy